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Sharpening Service

Kevin Hawbaker Sharpening Service
We sharpen at Farmer's Markets as well as at our workshop.

Sharpening Price list
                                                            Minor              Major 
Knives up to 4”                                   $2.00                $3.00
Knives btw 4”-8”                                 $2.50                $3.50
Knives 8”-10” /Cleavers                     $3.00                $4.00
Hunting Knives up to 6”                      $3.00                $4.00
Scissors up to 4”                                $4.00                $6.00
Large Scissor/Shears up to 8”           $6.00                $8.00
Hedge Trimmers Non-electric             $10.00              $15.00
Pruning Clippers                                 $4.00                $6.00
Grass Clippers                                    $5.00               $6.00
Hatchets/Axes                                     $5.00 per edge
Chisels, Narrow                                  $2.00
Chisels, Wide                                     $3.00

Repair Tips/other Prices Vary based on items or repair.

Minor Sharpening means knives in good condition with no chips.

Major Sharpening includes very dull knives, knives with small chips or small broken points, and larger scissors and shears.  Because of the time involved, hand-sharpening and serrated knife sharpening are considered major.  We do not sharpen hair shears or thinners.

Repair Prices: An additional charge of $2.00-$5.00 may apply on knives with severely chipped edges, broken tips, or knives that have worn out of shape.  We can reduce the bolster and reshape the blade if your chef’s knife does not chop along its full length.  Repair work that cannot be completed in the field can be done in our shop, usually within 2 business days.

We reserve the right to refuse work for any reason.